Derek Jeter on Inner Arrogance

     I like to tell players to strive to be the cockiest, most arrogant player on the field on the inside and the most humble player on the field on the outside.  Derek Jeter says a similar message in the introduction of his great book The Life You Imagine written by himself and Jack Curry.  Enjoy the following excerpt!

    You have to feel like you’re the best player on the field, the player that thousands of people will stare at all game. They’ll watch how you wiggle the bat high above your shoulders at the plate, how you position yourself with two strikes on a batter, how you’re the first teammate to greet a player after a homer.  Whenever someone tells my father how humble I seem, he’ll chuckle and reveal a secret.  He will tell them that I have more inner arrogance than anyone he has ever met.  I believe I’m going to get a hit every time up and I’ll let that arrogance drip through in my performance, not in what I say. I believe you have to feel that way, but you don’t have to flaunt your abilities.  There’s a difference between having a swagger and being so full of yourself that you’re annoying to be around because every word out of your mouth is about how great you are.


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